The Container Podest is a simple and consistently modular solution for access to construction and office containers. The podest surface is 1×1 m. Unlike other entrance staircases, the Container Podest consists of a single-step basic module, which can then be extended in advance or on site with one or two Podest Extension Sets, depending on the requirements, floor conditions, etc. In this way, a two- or three-level podest can easily be formed from a single-level podest.

With the help of a few accessories, the forward-facing podest can also be converted into a 90° Container Podest, which is helpful in confined spaces or with narrow access routes. The two handrails are part of the delivery, whereby the extension in the handrail can be telescoped outwards and then fixed to enable a handrail connection to the container. The Container Podest is fixed by the bolted U-profile, which is hooked into the Container Attachments previously screwed to the container. To compensate for uneven floors, the support feet can be adjusted in height by almost 200 mm thanks to the welded-on thread. This ensures that the Container Podest is always levelled.